Where AI Works in e-Invoicing: 5 Sub Processes

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We are heading to touchless. Automation has taken us far, but not far enough. The new rocket fuel is AI.

AI-powered automation drives down manual effort and errors, and speeds up cycle times in a way some traditional technology finds challenging.

During this webinar, we will be exploring where AI and Machine Learning help your e-invoicing program and AP process. We will be exploring the 5 sub processes that lend themselves to AI automation, and what results to expect.

• Understand the 5 areas that are ready for AI

• See how applying AI will speed up your e-invoicing deliverables

• Be able to improve your supplier relationships

• Set your AP up for better KPIs including improved: Cost Per Invoice, Payment on Time, % of invoices electronic, % of invoices Matching First Time, % of Touchless Invoices, Productivity per FTE

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Rolf Njor Jensen headshot Sept 2021

Rolf Njor Jensen

SVP Technology Platform



Raphael Bres

Chief Product and Technology Officer


Susie West

Susie West


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