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Highlights from Tradeshift’s Spring 2024 Release

By Daren Howell, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Tradeshift

From a Marketplaces perspective, this 2024 Spring Release update can be best summed up as, ‘Buying Better’–a core Tradeshift theme you’ll hear more about as Purchasing and Procurement become increasingly automated and guided by next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Taken together, these latest updates will significantly enhance the usability and effectiveness of Tradeshift Marketplaces. We’re dedicated to adopting the latest technology to ensure that our platform remains at the forefront of innovation, providing value for today and tomorrow as we continue redefining the future of procurement.

For Marketplace Buyers:

Never Miss a Deal: Our new alert system allows suppliers to set up automated notifications for relevant buyers when a promotional deal or campaign is about to end. For buyers, this function ensures that you never miss out on potential savings, especially as financial quarters or years come to a close.

Intuitive Search: Finding frequently purchased items is now easier with our enhanced content layout and filter tree, striking the perfect balance between simplicity, aesthetics and product detail.

Streamlined Approval Process: Waiting for a purchase request to be approved can be a drag and adds unnecessary friction that can mean an influx of avoidable and time-consuming queries flooding your procurement team. Our new purchase approval preview log lets you know who approved your purchase request and when providing transparency and accountability in the procurement process.

Efficient Delivery Management: Keep your goods-in-yard active and eliminate delivery truck congestion by being able to specify when precisely you need delivery. Furthermore, you can quickly check in goods using our latest Goods in Receipt. If you need goods delivered elsewhere you can add that too when you make your request.

Departmental Allocation: If you’re buying goods for more than one function or department you can now divide the order up according to each department’s request and have the correct charge allocated to the internal department code or subcode.

Simplified Tax Handling: Tax shouldn’t be taxing. So our latest release ensures that all relevant tax information is clearly displayed at the invoice header and detail levels, ensuring accurate tax treatment for each transaction.


For Marketplace Operators:

Flexible Transaction Fees: Motivate suppliers with flexible transaction fees that you can adjust to drive desired commercial behaviours. Turn fees on or off, and increase or decrease them as needed to control the dynamics of your marketplace.

We’re excited for you to experience these improvements firsthand and look forward to continuing to innovate and support your procurement needs.

These changes are just a glimpse of the many improvements designed to empower businesses to buy and sell better by connecting to the Tradeshift B2B platform. For a comprehensive overview of all the new features and enhancements, please visit the detailed release notes in our Knowledge Base.

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