Spring Release 2021

Spring Release 2021

March 19, 2021
Editorial Team

It’s springtime once again, and here at Tradeshift, that means more than just doing some spring cleaning to our (home) offices. We’ve been hard at work, gathering feedback from users like you on what you need in your supply chain software solutions. Today, we are excited to announce some of our spring 2021 supply chain solution updates. See what features and updates you can expect on our Tradeshift platform:

Tradeshift Engage:

Tradeshift Engage has always been focused on boosting your professional network and collaboration abilities. With our customized and user-friendly platform, buyers can work to create value from day one for their sellers. The two main aspects of Tradeshift Engage to receive enhancements are our onboarding solutions and data analytics. With our self-service onboarding, users can now invite and onboard new sellers and vendors without relying on the Tradeshift team for support. This creates a more efficient process and saves both buyers and sellers time. With our enhanced data-gathering capabilities, users will also have peace of mind knowing they have the most accurate and insightful information to make quick decisions.

Tradeshift Buy:

Users of Tradeshift Buy will notice increased controls over their processes and overall user experience. Thanks to our spring 2021 supply chain solution updates, users will enjoy a more streamlined and simple experience, enabling organizations to get their work done faster and more efficiently. Our latest additions to our custom category and shop manager platform allow enhanced customization and an intuitive process that assists with creating, scheduling, and managing static sellers.

Tradeshift Pay:

Our Tradeshift Pay platform received the most comprehensive improvements of all our products. Focusing on creating a more transparent and robust communication culture, our team has worked hard to create an increased user experience for all parties involved. This year, we prioritized collaboration. With our Internal Collaboration tools, organizations will see streamlined communication and greater alignment on organizational operations. Our coding editor and CSV file abilities help both the buyers and sellers quickly download and organize invoices and credit payments. Finally, with the assistance of QueueManager, leaders can easily delegate tasks and track performance, leading to greater control and accountability in their everyday processes.

Tradeshift Cash:

Tradeshift Cash received quite a few upgrades as well. Our latest features and improvements are aimed to make your life easier by helping your business finances run more smoothly. The latest configurations focus on collaboration and accessibility, creating a mobile-friendly interface that works to simplify your process. With our Task Manager Export, users will have access filters and data sheets to help sort and organize task lists. The advanced analytic capabilities help to centralize your data and create insightful reports. Soon, users will also enjoy updates to our invoice notifications, alerting them to outstanding invoices and invoices paid in short.

With our latest product and feature updates, Tradeshift demonstrates our commitment to creating an efficient and strategic user experience. Our award-winning platform and enhanced analytics provide users access to the tools and data they need to create a supply chain that is successful, resilient, and prepared for future potential disruptions. For information about specific spring 2021 supply chain product updates, check out our Spring Release or read more in our product update blog.

To learn more about how Tradeshift can help you create an enjoyable experience for both the buyers and sellers, reach out to one of our experts or sign up for your free demo now!

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