Supplier Relationship Management

For sellers, getting paid on time can be the difference between life and death

Why does Tradeshift put such a high premium on helping sellers get paid on time? “For a lot of companies, getting a particular invoice paid on time can be the difference between life and death,” says Ignacio Lebansohn, Principal Product Manager for Engage.  “We’ve spoken to multiple companies who say ‘If I get this one invoice paid on time, I will be able to make payroll. If I don’t, I won’t.”

We sat down with Ignacio for this round of interviews with thought leaders at Tradeshift. As Tradeshift’s twenty-fifth employee, he has believed in the company’s vision since the beginning and has seen it come to life through various solutions such as Tradeshift Engage. “Tradeshift Engage is a product we launched two years ago, essentially it’s aimed at maximizing the value our platform provides to sellers. It’s a single, massive, many-to-many collaboration platform. Any company that participates in the network gets out more than they put in.”

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