Maximizing Supply Chain Resilience as a Manufacturer

Given the intense pressures felt by all throughout 2020, it is now more important than ever for businesses to maximize their own operational resilience and preparedness for future supply chain shocks. External and internal assessments must be made now to ensure your business' capacity to withstand impacts to your operations and emerge from them stronger and more adaptable.

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During the hour long session, we will explore:

  • The crucial elements of digital collaboration within supply chains to maximize efficiency and adaptation of processes to fluctuations and shifts in demand that will continue to occur in 2021.
  • The connectivity between internal functions of a business (supply chain, finance, procurement) with a focus on expediting operations and increasing end-to-end visibility by limiting blockages between silos.
  • The expected changes that will occur over the next 12 months and how the events of 2020 have better prepared businesses to react and adapt quickly and effectively to minimize losses as further challenges arise.

Meet our speakers

Peter A. Bolstorff

EVP Corporate Development


Frank Baur

VP Supply Chain EMEA

Parker Hannifin

Dirk Holbach



Andreas Thonig

Regional Sales Director


Meet our moderator

Paddy Le Count

Supply Chain Project Director

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