Win-win: How to build value in relationships throughout the supply chain

Solutions that seek to digitize seller relationships in the supply chain are often skewed heavily toward the customer. Yet, the relationship between company and supplier is regularly neglected in the supply chain, leading to greater supplier chain instability, reduced levels of service and increased costs.

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In a recent supplier survey we found that more than one-third of suppliers say their customers are difficult to work with — a clear indication that there is some work ahead for buyers in building mutual benefit in the commercial relationship

Watch the on-demand recording which includes our expert "Tony Knapp, Global Head of Network Value at Tradeshift" as he explains how adopting a “seller first” mindset when building an onboarding strategy can produce game-changing results. Learn how you can improve relationships with your supplier during digital transformation projects by:

  • Implementing simple techniques focused on sellers’ value at outset
  • Discovering and serving up real value-adds for sellers
  • Finding that perfect balance between upstream customer efficiencies and seller challenges in change management

Meet our speakers

Tony Knapp

Director, Network Value Program