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Tradeshift in Action: Assisting With Recovery in the Manufacturing Industry

Tradeshift in Action: Assisting With Recovery in the Manufacturing Industry

May 25, 2021
Mesh Flinders

Facing disruption in the Manufacturing Industry

After a year of disruption and decline, many industries are beginning to show signs of recovery toward pre-COVID production levels. While this sign of growth is encouraging, there is still much ground to cover to supplement the struggles this past year has brought. Today, we take an in-depth look at the manufacturing supply chain and highlight how a digital trade solution can help foster a resilient ecosystem.

Productivity is paramount

Productivity is paramount when it comes to manufacturing. Manufacturers need to be able to rely on a smooth process to reduce downtime and ramp up production. As organizations begin to see signs of recovery from the ongoing pandemic, the time has come for manufacturers to take a hard look at the challenges they face and identify solutions. To help you start, we’ve identified the top pain points manufacturers are experiencing today.

Aging operating systems and technologies.

Many manufacturing applications are outdated. Often, these technologies and tools are not updated or maintained as they should be. Most manufacturing systems run on antiquated hardware and lack digital support.

Missing information.

Organizations need to rely on accurate and transparent information for manufacturing success. When employees miss out on necessary instructions or misinterpret data, your processes slow, and productivity suffers. Manufacturers need to find ways to create reliable and effective communication channels to reduce the potential of downtime.

Global competition.

Global competition makes it harder for manufacturers to attract and retain buyers. For manufacturers to be competitive in the future, they will have to shift their focus on higher-value production, advanced technology, and creating an experience that demonstrates added value to the consumer.

Tradeshift provides solutions tailored to the manufacturing industry’s needs

At Tradeshift, we understand the need to keep your processes running. Any downtime in your operations results in lost productivity and revenue. Tradeshift works to provide a dependable, reliable software solution so your manufacturing operations can continuously produce high-quality results. With our digitization efforts and single trade platform, you can make reliability a possibility, enabling you to scale without limits.

A robust network

Our Tradeshift network is full of digital solutions to your manufacturing needs. With thousands of products and offers with negotiated pricing available on our B2B marketplace, Tradeshift Buy’s easy-to-use interface creates a cost-efficient and easy way to conduct B2B shopping.

Automation capabilities

Tradeshift Pay’s artificial intelligence handles time-consuming and tedious tasks. With the automation dashboard, you can customize your processes, enabling you to scale functions as needed. Our robust digital tools support a paperless order-to-pay cycle that pleases suppliers, protects your bottom line, and keeps executive leadership happy.

Create value from day one

Instill value in your supplier partnerships from day one. With Tradeshift Engage’s dynamic and personalized onboarding processes, sellers get real value from their first contact. Tradeshift Engage gives you access to enhanced collaboration capabilities and powerful digital tools to help you improve your processes.

Keep communications in order

Tradeshift’s network consolidates conversation history and order tracking into one technological solution. Manufacturers can easily reference information as needed to ensure all parties are up to date on the latest data and developments. This helps your manufacturing lines stay operational, keeping your profits flowing.

Supporting your manufacturing supply chain needs

Tradeshift is technology built for adaptability. Regardless of your industry, Tradeshift offers you an opportunity to evolve and grow no matter what conditions you might face Empowering your modern team with software designed for people, Tradeshift creates an enjoyable experience for suppliers and buyers alike. Users gain access to better data, more intelligent AI, improved efficiency, and an increasingly resilient supply chain ecosystem.

To learn more about how Tradeshift can support your efforts, reach out to our team of experts and start making shift happen today

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