Tradeshift Announces Partnership With Recruit Holdings, Accelerates Entry Into Japanese Market

SAN FRANCISCO–Tradeshift, the fastest growing business transaction and collaboration platform, today announced a new partnership with Tokyo based Recruit Holdings, through its investment subsidiary RSP Fund No. 6, LLC, operated by Recruit Strategic Partners, which is a corporate venture capital arm of Recruit Holdings. The alliance with Japan’s largest staffing company further solidifies Tradeshift’s presence in Japan following their 2014 entry into the region. Tradeshift is taking a fresh approach to supplier-facing processes with easy-to-use cloud software. They are helping companies transform their internal operations and rapidly adapt to the new digital reality that’s changing business everywhere. Tradeshift is leading this transformation through the power of its quickly expanding network of suppliers, and its agile approach to business-to-business app development. “As global markets expand, and the need for cross border trade capabilities increases, enterprises are quickly looking to bring their suppliers online to create transparency in the buying process,” said Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng. “As the world’s third largest economy, Japan is one of the biggest opportunities for business-to-business in domestic and international supply chains, and is therefore a key market for Tradeshift to embrace. Partnering with a company of Recruit Holding’s caliber is a validation of the impact the platform is already having in the region.” Tradeshift, which is free for suppliers, boasts high levels of adoption and promotes the free flow of information between parties. 500,000 businesses around the globe are connected on the platform whose customers boast $250 Billion annual spend alone. Its open application development platform supports any number of current business transaction processes and future proofs to ensure scalability. “Tradeshift’s vision for connecting businesses on a global scale through cloud technology is in sync with Recruit Holdings and the range of services we deliver to customers around the globe. The way businesses interact is changing and the time to digitize is now. Tradeshift and Recruit Holdings understand this and our partnership will help even more Japanese businesses recognize their goals,” said Akihiko Okamoto, president of Recruit Strategic Partners.

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