Order to Cash (O2C): Redefined by Tradeshift

Order to Cash (O2C)

Optimizing your order-to-cash process is vital to your business growth and customer relationships. Automating the O2C process with modern solutions provides many benefits ranging from time and cost savings to improved cashflow visibility and reduced borrowing costs.

Not all AP automation solutions or tools are created equal

When it comes to AP automation, “electronic” is not the same as a digital, as in a cloud-based software solution that is everywhere, all the time.

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Order-to-Cash - FAQ

The O2C process begins the moment that a customer places an order, typically on an online store but this may also be via email or phone. Receiving the order, fulfilling the order, invoicing, and receiving payment are all key elements of the process. Automating and optimizing the order-to-cash process via the use of modern order-to-cash software solutions can improve your cashflows–the lifeblood of any business.

  1. Order is received
  2. Order fulfillment
  3. Shipping and logistics
  4. Customer invoicing
  5. Accounts receivable
  6. Reporting and data management

The order-to-cash life cycle is the length of time needed for the steps in the O2C process to occur. This length of time will vary greatly based on the industry and products and/or services being purchased.

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