Data Protection


Tradeshift Data Processing Agreement


  1. Tradeshift has prepared a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) for execution with Tradeshift customers which you can download from here.
  2. This DPA has been pre-signed on behalf of Tradeshift.
  3. To complete this DPA, Customer must:
    1. Complete the Customer Name and Customer Address in the box corresponding to the Customer entity that is party to the Agreement for SaaS services that the Customer has with Tradeshift
    2. Verify that the information in Exhibit A “Description of the Processing” accurately reflects the subject and categories of data to be processed;
    3. Complete the information in the signature box and have authorized signatory sign on page 6.
    4. Submit the completed and signed DPA, without changes to any printed text, to the following email address:  Upon receipt of the validly completed DPA at the above email address, this DPA will become legally binding.