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Our commercial incubator and innovation lab aims to leverage emerging technologies to build a new, inclusive B2B playing field. We believe that by using deep insight into cutting edge technology and collaborating with partners, customers, universities, and innovators, we can change supply chains and commerce for good.

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Frontiers two primary “Future of...” agendas within the future of commerce

Supply chain

The global supply chain isn’t just a parallel series of buyers and sellers, it is the sum of every relationship between buyers, sellers, and other vendors. Every organization needs to be connected to every other organization in order to unlock the full potential and functionality of the global supply chain. In the future, it’s possible that supply chains will exist as a single ecosystem. Tradeshift Frontiers is focused on developing the tools to get us there.


Supply chains need to find a better way to pay for goods and services. Developing new tools to deliver banking services without a bank is critical to success. Tradeshift Frontiers is harnessing ways to do that. We’re developing invoices with “instant settlement” capabilities, programmable payments, and a new infrastructure to facilitate remote controlled money. When they are fully developed, these tools will help solve for supply chain sustainability by influencing corporate behavior for the better.

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