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[INFOGRAPHIC] The proactive vs. reactive AP department

Are you working in a proactive or reactive AP department? 

Take this quick quiz to find out:

  1. Are there any paper invoices on any desk in your office?
  2. Do you manually process pdf, email, or fax invoices?
  3. Do you have to wait to get invoices before you can start your job?
  4. Is your data integrated?
  5. Do you send your data off to a cleaning service?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in a reactive AP department. If you’re one of the few who answered no to all of these questions: congratulations, you’re already in a proactive department!

Still processing a ton of paper? Be the hero for your enterprise and help convince your CFO to become a strategically-driven, digital AP department.

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Matt Vermeulen writes about B2B commerce for Tradeshift. Whether he’s writing about Accounts Payable best practices or debunking AI myths, Matt enjoys making complex topics easy to understand and fun to read.

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