A comprehensive list of countries where Tradeshift supports compliance

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At Tradeshift, we know how important it is to have your goals and strategies aligned. In our ever-connected world, companies are finding themselves conducting global trade on a scale we’ve previously never seen. While this scale of business is helping many organizations to grow their operations, the complications of global trade are creating difficulties for numerous enterprises. Ensuring compliance across a variety of international borders is not only challenging, but it is also time-consuming.

With Tradeshift, you can take the headache out of compliance by relying on the support of a tried and true partner.

Compliance made simple with Tradeshift

The complexities surrounding global tax and e-invoicing compliance require the efforts of all parties involved — the supplier, the buyer, and Tradeshift as your service provider. Our Tradeshift Pay™ solution offers several ways to enable, encourage, and help the transacting parties enforce compliance in their business practices.

Since numerous countries have their own set of laws concerning compliance, and since these laws vary from country to country, achieving global compliance can be a challenge. For this reason, your organization needs to have a thorough and reliable knowledge base to succeed.

The first step? Investing in a solution that can take the guesswork out of compliance

Our trusted partners

When you work with Tradeshift, you gain the support and expertise of our strong partners for compliance. Using our relationship with Sovos Trustweaver and Deloitte, we can obtain e-invoicing and tax compliance expertise and industry approaches for most relevant countries.

  • Sovos Trustweaver — Through the use of Sovos Trustweaver’s two main deliverables, we have access to a detailed and up-to-date database of compliance requirements that covers 50+ countries in North America, EMEA, APAC, and LATAM regions.
  • Deloitte — For countries and aspects not covered by Sovos Trustweaver’s services, we utilize Deloitte’s consulting services and internal research to obtain guidance regarding tax and e-Invoicing compliance.

At Tradeshift, we prioritize transparency in our practices. We believe that in order to succeed, you need access to the right data at the right time. Our product development teams leverage our partnerships and compliance learnings to not only enhance our product offering but to ensure you have the right information regarding compliance regardless of where you’re conducting business.


Where Tradeshift Pay™ is supported:

Tradeshift’s services can be used globally (except within countries under government embargo or where other legal or local restrictions apply). Still, compliance with e-invoicing is only supported proactively within our list of covered countries. Any countries not currently covered have the potential to be added to our list at an additional cost.

Below is a comprehensive list of the 50+ countries for which Tradeshift has actively addressed electronic invoicing and tax compliance:

Compliance is always changing and adapting as countries adjust their regulations and restrictions. Enterprises that conduct business internationally need to stay up to date on the latest regulations and best practices to keep things running smoothly. The list of countries we support with compliance changes as our services expand and our partnerships grow. For a continuously updated list of supported countries, please visit our Supported Countries page.

Tradeshift is your go-to partner for all your invoice and tax compliance needs. Our Tradeshift Pay™ product can help your organization to stay on top of compliance, reducing the likelihood of risk, fees, and fines. To learn more about how our advanced software solutions can help you to transform your invoicing and compliance processes, reach out to our team of experts and see Tradeshift in action.

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