P2P: What "Good" Looks Like (And Why it Matters)


Join Shared Services Link, Tradeshift and Everest Group for an insightful webinar to understand why your current P2P operation is structured the way it is and how it measures up in today’s landscape. The discussion goes beyond the routine, prompting you to contemplate the broader implications:

  • What defines a “good” P2P operation?
  • How do today’s operations impact overall business success?
  • Are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) truly driving the right behaviors and outcomes?
  • How can you confidently navigate the journey towards operational excellence?

The webinar serves as a valuable “shake out”. In clearing your vision, you’ll automatically declutter your process and move closer to a streamlined, touchless operation.
Wherever you are in P2P, mature or early stage, on a clear path or a bit lost, this webinar will help you take your next steps with confidence.

Watch the webinar

Meet our speakers

Susie West

Susie West

CEO and Founder, Shared Services Link


Amy Fong

Partner, Everest Group


Vignesh Kannan

Vice President BPS, Everest Group


Sam Purches

Senior Solution Consultant, Tradeshift

Our clients

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