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How Tradeshift fits into your tech stack

You know the running gag that older workers can’t keep up with all of the new tools and technologies out there. But, the truth is, younger professionals struggle to keep up as well. Each day new trade technologies emerge, and staying up to date on all of them takes a keen mind and a caffeinated brain. However, organizations don’t need to become experts on each new tool to stay ahead of the game. All it takes is investing in a few great tools that can grow alongside your company.

A whole new world of tech

Chances are, your company is already investing in technology and tools to help you create an efficient and effective business operation. With so many emerging technologies on the market, understanding which ones are integral for success can be tricky.

What’s more, is that not all tools are created equal. Some technologies are built to work alongside other tools, creating a collaborative process that is supported at all times. And sometimes, technologies are built to act as stand-alone resources for your team to rely upon.

As global trade expands and consumer demand increases steadily, organizations need to point a critical eye at their tech suite and evaluate its effectiveness. Are the tools you are using now supporting you in your business goals? Do you see the derived value of investing in these tools? Can you rely on the continued support from these technologies as your organization grows? Investing in the right tools in today’s modern business place means having the certainty that your investments and technologies will adapt alongside your changing needs.

Enter: Tradeshift

This is where we excel. As technology built for adaptability, Tradeshift is a platform you can rely on for years to come.

One of the best features of our Tradeshift solutions is that it can work alongside your existing tech suite or can stand as your one-stop-shop for all your trade needs. Whether you’re looking for support in procurement, invoicing, payables, or finance, Tradeshift’s platform is built to customize to your specific needs.

With many trade technology platforms, it can be difficult to create a flexible software experience. Often, suppliers are pushed through dreaded portals filled with hurdles to entry and form fields that take up time and energy to fill. However, with Tradeshift, suppliers see value from day one with instant invoice and payment transparency, easy account activation, and a customizable onboarding experience. We take the hassle out of getting accounts up and running, ensuring you can more quickly get down to business.

Bonus Material: Make sure you nail the supplier onboarding process by following our comprehensive checklist. 

With over 1.5 million companies connected on our platform and growing, Tradeshift has proven our expertise and usefulness when it comes to creating a resilient business. Together, we can grow stronger by finding innovative solutions to supply chain digitization.

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