Independent Research Firm’s Latest Vendor Landscape for B2B Business Networks Recognizes Tradeshift

Tradeshift, the world’s largest business commerce platform, today announced that it has been included in the November 2017 Forrester report, Vendor Landscape: B2B Business Networks, 2017 To 2018. The report details the evolution of technologies that connect buyers and suppliers, noting that business networks are converging in scope and diverging in offerings. The report states that Tradeshift is emerging as a disruptive force, due to its strong growth and its [2017] acquisition of IBX from Capgemini. The report cites that Tradeshift’s acquisition of IBX “shakes up the business network market.” The report states that Tradeshift is one of two vendors that cause other PO/Invoice Network Vendors to change strategy. “We believe that Forrester’s expert analysis of B2B business networks describes us as an innovative and leading player that is disrupting the strategies of our competitors,” said Christian Lanng, Co-founder and CEO of Tradeshift. “Our B2B commerce platform is gaining wider acceptance and global traction precisely because we do things differently.” A combination of strengths has helped Tradeshift differentiate between its business commerce platform and competitor offerings. According to the report: “Neither Tradeshift nor IBX charge suppliers for electronic invoice delivery to buyers, but instead generate network revenues by charging buyers for delivery of electronic invoices. In addition, the combined firms offer eProcurement, AP eInvoicing, and sourcing solutions, as well as an expanding set of more than 100 network-based apps built on (or being transitioned to) the Tradeshift platform, including order management, CloudScanTM (paper), collaborative workflow, supplier management, catalog content management, master data management, early payment requests, dynamic discounting, and basic logistics as well as a digital invoice status dashboard, reducing number of query calls in regards to late payments…” Tradeshift’s open platform was built with network-based collaboration at the core with a value proposition and user experience that puts buyers and suppliers on equal footing, which is proven key to buy-side success. According to Forrester, “network-based collaboration may be the real win-win for both parties.” The report explains how three traditional types – described by Forrester in their 2015 report as PO and invoice networks, vertical industry networks, and EDI-based networks – are converging in scope and diverging in offerings. The report states that EDI-based networks shift toward B2B integration managed services, particularly in manufacturing. According to the report, Tradeshift is one of two vendors cited that, “attack the direct material purchase order flow.” Tradeshift can offer greater value to customers in the manufacturing industry by delivering apps for direct material procurement processes, all procure-to-pay processes, as well as a marketplace of solutions for supply chain financing and dynamic discounting. In 2017, Forrester also recognized Tradeshift in its report: The Forrester Wave™: eProcurement, Q2 2017. After just one-and-a-half years in the market, Tradeshift Buy was included as a “Strong Performer.”

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