Tradeshift and Wax Digital come together to offer market-leading cloud-based procurement solution

The partnership will help customers achieve better purchasing value with the Tradeshift platform

Tradeshift, the leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces, today announced a partnership with Wax Digital, a leading supplier of spend management solutions for enterprise and midsize businesses. Together, they will provide clients with a flexible, customer-focused, procurement tool called web3.

“We’re delighted to work with Tradeshift as a formal partner within their app ecosystem,” said Paul Ellis, CEO at Wax Digital. “We have integrated our web3 software suite into the Tradeshift network as an app, delivering a market-leading and transformative business solution.”

The partnership will allow businesses on the Tradeshift network to access Wax Digital’s web3 software suite within the app ecosystem. Buyers will be able to use sourcing and contract life cycle management modules from Wax Digital to send proposals to suppliers, award those suppliers, and negotiate contracts. Web3’s intuitive user interface, rapid deployment and unlimited scalability allow organizations to realize increased efficiency of e-sourcing process as well improving supplier contract management. Manual processes are automated and complexity is reduced, enabling businesses to respond to changing market conditions and drive digital transformation.

“Beyond the dematerialization of invoices, Tradeshift digitizes the relationship with suppliers. But our customers have been seeking to extend their collaboration with suppliers on upstream processes, such as sourcing and contract lifecycle management,” said Bruno Laborie, Senior Director of Global Alliances at Tradeshift. “Due to this demand, Wax Digital is a natural fit for our platform.”

Tradeshift identified this partnership as an opportunity to reduce supply chain risk for organizations utilizing the Tradeshift platform. Businesses on the Tradeshift platform will be able to source from their existing suppliers but also identify suppliers with whom they are not yet connected. Users of the app will also benefit from the collaboration capability available on Tradeshift.

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