Tradeshift partnership with FRDM wins Treasury4Good Award for Best CSR/ESG Technology Solution

LONDON – March 21, 2019 – Tradeshift, the leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces, has won the Treasury Management International Treasury4Good Award for Best CSR/ESG Technology Solution in recognition of its partnership with FRDM (formerly Made in a Free World) to better highlight and mitigate the challenges of human trafficking in the supply chain. The partnership makes detecting and mitigating labor risks in the supply chain as simple as switching on a FRDM-developed app built on the Tradeshift platform. FRDM is specifically designed to analyze purchase data, atomize risks, and protect corporate values while ensuring compliance with international regulations. “Commerce is a conversation,” said Justin Dillon, CEO and Founder of FRDM. “That’s what this partnership provides: a conversation between buyers and sellers about how to protect freedom in our supply chains.” “Most companies want to do the right thing, but the murky world of modern slavery and human trafficking is deliberately opaque. It’s all too easy for these issues to remain hidden from view in complex, global supply chains,” said Ron Volpe, Global VP of Apps and Development and Chief Supply Chain Evangelist at Tradeshift. With an estimated 16 million slave laborers layered into global supply chains, legislation from the US to the UK to Australia requires businesses to report on their actions to address modern slavery in their operations, business, and supply chain. Volpe continued: “Our partnership with FRDM makes it easier than ever for businesses to spot the bad things and do the right things. We hope that the visibility from this award will encourage more businesses to see how technology can help companies make good on their promises around ethics and sustainability.”   About FRDM FRDM is a supply chain risk analysis and monitoring platform designed to monitor Environmental, Social, and Governance risks within supply chains. FRDM is the only platform offering end-to-end risk optics including: primary inputs, products, product categories, and suppliers. Customers can explore their company’s risk through intuitive data visualizations and push alerts via the FRDM dashboard. FRDM assists with reputation management, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation against challenges like forced and child labor in supply chains. FRDM helps companies buy better by building a values-aligned supplier network.

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