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When we say electronic invoicing, we’re not talking about PDFs being sent through email. We’re talking about a central, cloud-based platform on which everything is managed by both suppliers and enterprises.

Tradeshift’s e-invoice management software relieves AP staff from manual work and data entry, accelerates approvals, improves efficiency and reduces operating costs along the way. From the CFO to the smallest suppliers, invoicing, coding, approving and paying is easy for everyone. With Tradeshift, suppliers can't even hit "send" til their invoices are up to your standards. No more endless phone calls, manual data entry, chasing approvals or complicated training. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t.


The Tradeshift platform was built with small businesses in mind, and unlike our competitors, we never charge them to use Tradeshift. Our free electronic invoicing enables faster payments and more predictable cash flow for all of your suppliers.

Suppliers love Tradeshift because it’s genuinely easy to use and provides an intuitive user experience. It’s simple to track an e-invoice from the moment it’s sent until it’s paid. Tradeshift makes getting paid easy for your suppliers – and they’ll love you for it.

Why E-invoicing? Why E-invoicing?

Why E-invoicing?

Cut costs.

  • Fewer manual steps.
    E-invoicing increases productivity and efficiency. No more data entry or manual matching – everything is done through Tradeshift.
  • Receive e-invoices from day one.
    Tradeshift moves your suppliers off their paper habit. If some suppliers take longer to adapt, managing PDFs and paper is easy with CloudScan.
  • Eliminate exceptions.
    Our Business Firewall ensures that potential errors and omissions are caught before an invoice goes to approval; invoices are automatically routed back to the supplier, saving you money.

Accelerate invoice approvals.

  • Straight-through processing. 2- and 3-way matching saves time by automatically sending matched docs right into your ERP system.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks. Tradeshift provides reminders, to-do lists, delegation and auto-assign capabilities to keep approval processes moving.
  • Anywhere you are. Mobile invoicing capabilities means approvers can review any time, anywhere, from smartphones, tablets or laptops.

One system for all.

  • Zero learning time. Tradeshift is so easy to use, every supplier and colleague can start using it in minutes – no big manuals or multi-day training required.
  • Interoperable. Tradeshift works across every ERP system, Shared Service center, branch and country.
  • Global compliance. We enable you to apply the right standards and formats to be globally compliant. Include multiple taxes per line, meet VAT compliance and handle more stringent government regulations in places like Latin America and China.

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