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French Finance Law: Changes imposed on electronic transactions in France

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The subject of e-invoicing has been at the forefront nationally in France for several years. Now, following the successful implementation of the Chorus platform for the public sector, legislation is taking a new step: In 2024, the digitization of B2B domestic invoices will become mandatory for large and mid-sized companies. Two years later, on January 1, 2026, the same will apply to small-sized companies

With more than 55 countries around the globe initiating VAT, e-invoicing and continuous transaction controls, it’s critical that businesses are prepared. In France, anyone who manages VAT, supply chains, payables, and finance will be affected.

In this session from Future of Finance, Bruno Laborie, Senior Director Global Alliances at Tradeshift and Delphine Nicault, Lawyer and Managing Director Customs VAT at TAJ provide you with some answers to understand the expectations around this law and how to make sure your business remains compliant for the future.

Questions this video will answer:

Will your organization be impacted by these new requirements?

What are the challenges?

How to take advantage of this new law to create added value for your business?


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