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Send invoices to your buyer with five easy steps

Using Tradeshift to do business with your buyers ensures you can keep doing business — wherever they are, no matter what disruptions the future brings. Follow the instructions below to start transacting digitally today for free.

Complete the form to receive your activation link to Tradeshift

Finish registering with Tradeshift

When you get an account activation notification from Tradeshift, click the link embedded in the email and finish creating your Tradeshift account.

Send your first invoice on Tradeshift to your buyer

After logging in to Tradeshift and opening the Create Documents app from the left-hand navigation, select “Invoice.” Fill in the information unique to your invoice (e.g. invoice number, issue date, payment due date, etc). Send the invoice to your buyer when finished. (See the From the “Create document” launcher section of the How do I create an invoice? article on Tradeshift Support.)

Use Tradeshift to send subsequent invoices to your buyer

Now that you’ve sent one invoice via Tradeshift, you can reuse that invoice as a template for subsequent ones. And, if you receive purchase orders from your buyer on Tradeshift, you can simply “flip” the PO when you’re ready to get paid. (Learn more at the by using an already existing invoice as a draft and by flipping a purchase order into an invoice sections of the How do I create an invoice? article on Tradeshift Support.)

For videos aimed at helping you to hit the ground running on Tradeshift, check out Getting Started on Tradeshift University.

Automate sending invoices through Tradeshift

If your company has an IT-supported ERP or accounting system in place, sending automated invoices through Tradeshift is quick and simple. Just fill out the form below, and an integration expert will schedule an initial consult in 1-2 business days.

Note: You will need to activate your Tradeshift account (steps 1-2 above) before meeting with your Tradeshift integration expert.

To expedite the setup process, you should do the following for the meeting with your Tradeshift integration expert: