Procure smarter.
Process faster.

Collaborative, agile procure‑to‑pay gets you there.

Connected, innovative, modern procure-to-pay

Collaboration drives agile, effective procure-to-pay. Manage all of your spend, get total global compliance, and realize industry-leading user and supplier adoption rates. Tradeshift is your partner, the modern choice to enable end-to-end business commerce between you and your entire supply chain.

High-performing procure-to-pay realized through collaboration


Compliant transactions

Capture more savings—a must when shaping your P2P strategy. Only an end-to-end approach can get you where you need to be.


Spend under management

Influence 90% of total spend—a clear testament of high-performing, best-in-class procurement organizations.


Reduction in P2P cycle time

Reduce cycle times to improve service levels, boost supplier and user satisfaction, and drive efficiency across all financial operations.

Source: Ardent Partners & The Hackett Group *Results achieved by best-in-class procurement leaders

Tradeshift is an e-procurement solution to watch — the only one we are aware of that uses internal platform and network capabilities, integrating them seamlessly with internal and third-party apps to enable an ever-expanding P2P vision….the most interesting P2P product launch since the days of Ariba ORMS and Commerce One...

— Jason Busch, Spend Matters

We understand your P2P priorities

How are you achieving the goals that matter to you?

Manage costs & compliance

Improve efficiency

Build healthy relationships

Facilitate innovation

Enable agility

One reason Tradeshift has grown is because of the way...companies can use [Tradeshift] to connect their businesses, manage their supply chains, and get the tools to manage complicated issues such as tax compliance...

P2P as it should be, simple & collaborative

When procure-to-pay is collaborative, connecting all your people, processes, and suppliers in one place, you drive greater business value and enterprise-wide agility.

See how Tradeshift can help

Gain control of your spend — better strategic decision-making and capturing real cost savings.
Barrier-free business — no fees for your suppliers, no limits to your growth.
Total global compliance — for total confidence
Fuel your growth — facilitate innovation through communication and supplier engagement.
Enable agility — flexible solutions streamline and simplify your P2P processes, so you can respond quickly to changes.

Do today what will produce profits tomorrow

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