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Creating a collaborative digital supply chain with Quyntess


For over 17 years, Quyntess has remained committed to creating a better, faster collaboration process for global supply chains at all levels. Global business has become increasingly complex amid the recent disruption and volatile markets. Due to significant shifts in how business is done, supply chains need to adjust their processes to fit the current landscape better. Quyntess believes that by combining the power of a B2B Marketplace with digital tools, supply chain professionals can become more highly collaborative and resilient.

Over time, Quyntess has gained an abundance of experience in supply chain management and IT among a variety of industries. This knowledge helps them better understand the industry’s current needs and provide sound advice and a long-term approach to fit their specific business. Through strategic partnerships with providers like Tradeshift, Quyntess offers supply chain solutions as a service in the cloud.

Quyntess’s focus on optimizing supply chain processes in direct spend perfectly aligns with Tradeshift’s focus on indirect spend. By bringing both together, companies can benefit from a fully integrated P2P cycle. This “integration as a service” combination with best-of-breed software enables any kind of enterprise to create a digital-first approach to business.

Leading companies around the world understand the importance of digitizing their supply chains. But, recent reports show that by 2023, only 50% of global companies will be using advanced technologies to support their supply chain operations. To create a resilient and future-ready workplace, businesses must adapt their strategies and embrace an integrated approach towards digital supply chain collaboration. That’s where Tradeshift and Quyntess come in.

The Tradeshift platform is a global business network that enables enterprises to run their operations more efficiently with the help of advanced technology. To help simplify the collaboration process, Quyntess developed flexible, complementary supply chain management apps on the Tradeshift platform to facilitate enhanced collaboration beyond the accounts payable process. For users, this means that you can appreciate universal and integrated approaches to supply chain functions like procurement, logistics, and finance, despite the networks your partners are using.

“The partnership with Tradeshift allows us to offer a modern, flexible and future-proof ‘Multi-enterprise Supply Chain Business Network’ to the market, which is the best possible foundation for customers to transition to the next generation of supply chains, end-to-end

— Rob van Ipenburg, CEO at Quyntess

This scalable model helps organizations strike a balance between the costs and benefits of investing in digital tools. Quyntess’s apps on the Tradeshift platform help support a variety of functions. Some examples include:

  • Order collaboration — synchronize and streamline your order management process with efficient workflows.
  • Forecast and delivery schedules — efficiently share insights on demand forecasts on the digital platform.
  • Logistics collaboration — increase visibility and control planned and unplanned cost with automated invoice matching against shipment and transport data
  • Supply chain management — get instant access to various insights to create an efficient and resilient supply chain.

For people looking to close their supply chain collaboration processes, our supply chain management solutions offer the support you need. The Quyntess apps on our Tradeshift platform support processes like:

  • Supply chain collaboration and automation capabilities for both direct and indirect spend
  • Simplifying your internal and external supply chain processes
  • Providing clear access to data and information for collaboration purposes
  • Generating a valuable and best-in-class user experience
  • Creating a single workflow for future supply chain operations

Together, Quyntess and Tradeshift are committed to providing best-in-class software solutions for your supply chain needs. By embracing tools built to support an integrated and collaborative supply chain process, your organization can work to become a future-ready enterprise built to withstand disruption. For more information about this strategic partnership or to see Tradeshift in action, reach out to our team of experts and start your demo today.


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